July 31, 2009

Back to my roots

•••••••••••••• I am going on vacation, yet again. ••••••••••••••

I guess I can't complain about this Summer.
First I went to Colombia and spent quality time with my mother-in-law.
Now, my husband and I are going to Spain.

We've been planning this trip for so many years, that I can't believe it is actually coming true. You see, he hasn't been there yet, and it is time for him to meet the rest of the family.

My parents don't live there anymore, but we still have a house in the country side where my dad was born. So we are going to get together there, for a few weeks.

I am sure my husband will enjoy this very much. I can see it. The food, the landscape, the different accent, I mean there is no waste.

We are going to Asturias, a province on the North coast by the Cantabric sea. It's been about 10 that I don't go.

So, hopefully, this is going to be great for both of us.

Ok, I need to start packing up.




  1. Wow! que tengas un hermoso viaje!!! Suena como que asi va a ser. Que maravilla de verano jejeje. Saludos.

  2. Que envidia verde que tengo de tu viaje a España. Yo soy Colombiana, entonces ya conozco esos lares muy bien :)

  3. Hey!!! Congrats en tu blog; so far me encanta!! :) Happy birthday, por acá también, by the way!! A ver si te animas a hacer un post con fotos del Peralín; qué envidia les tengo, con tantas ganas de comerme unes fabes...! jeje Abrazos.