July 24, 2009

Lights on!

I've been looking at lamps the last couple of days.

See, my sister needs to buy one for her living room ceiling, so she's been asking for my opinion. We live far away from each other, in different states to be more precise. 
How do we do it? 
We go "screen-shopping" together. 
We visit the same websites, compare products, prices, designs... Until she finds the right one.

It takes quite a few emails back and forth:
"How about this one?" 
"I like this lamp, but I think it's too big for your space." 
"This costs more than what I wanted to spend." 
"It doesn't go with your room." 
"OK, I think this is it. Tell me if you agree so that I order it right away."

So she finally decided on one, but I keep looking for more. And I tend to love the ones that I can't either afford or have the room for it. (Well, I don't need any lamp right now, either.)

I want to share these nicely designed few with you. It makes me happy to see how clever some designers are. 

Enjoy, and let me know what you think. Maybe we can "screen-shop" together :)

1. Roger Borg via formulate now
2. Rafael Morgan via pj lighthouse
3. Bulbs Unlimited via gizmodo
4. Jed Crystal via design klub
5. Ango
6. Thelermont Hupton via dvice


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